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HFO Solvent Cleaning Agents

November 28th 2022

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What are Cleaning Solvents?

Cleaning solvents are used to remove oil, grease, solder flux, and other contaminants. Industrial cleaning solvents, which are utilized by numerous industries, are included in many consumer and commercial items. It specifically incorporates a range of products that are used to remove contaminants like adhesives, ink, paint, dirt, soil, oil, and grease. For a number of reasons, including safety, operability, and to avoid contamination in their product development, these contaminants are removed from parts, electronic parts, products, tools, machinery, equipment, vessels, floors, walls, and other work production-related work spaces. Cleaning solvents, used in these operations, in many cases are used for multiple applications that are not only limited to cleaning.

HFO Cleaning Solvents

Many cleaning solvents that were widely used over the previous decades are being phased out, have toxicity issues, or have been outlawed, as is the case with hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). Numerous laws have been enacted to expunge these HFC-based solvents since they have serious environmental effects, making it difficult to choose the best cleaning agent for your application. In addition to significant cleaning capabilities, the ideal solution should have minimal negative effects on the environment and a high safety margin.

Recently, HFO-1336mzz(Z) is being used for solvent applications due to its similar technical properties to HFCs, non-flammability and its ultra-low GWP and is appropriate for replacing HFCs and other chlorine and bromine chemicals in industrial solvent applications. HFO-based solvents are used widely for their high margins of safety due to their zero ozone-depleting potential, non-flammability, high efficiency and thermal stability.

How are HFO Solvent Cleaning Agents Used?

Precision cleaning is the cleaning of any components or surfaces of any composition to ensure a high level of cleanliness that is necessary during the manufacturing process or the final product. Examples of precision cleaning include, cleaning of high-value parts such as parts in the industries such as aerospace, military, automotive safety circuits, medical applications, and medical devices.

Electronics cleaning is the removal of contaminants from the internal components of electronics such as a circuit board. An example of electronics cleaning would be the removal of solder flux residues from wiring on PCBs, printed circuit boards.

Metals cleaning is defined as the removal of contaminants from metal objects during a manufacturing or maintenance process. These contaminants, grease, cutting oils, coatings, large particles, metal chips, etc, would be removed from metal objects to preserve clean surfaces during its development.

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