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HFO & Blowing/Foaming Agents for Insulation

November 24th 2022

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What are Blowing/Foaming Agents?

A blowing agent, or foaming agent, is a substance that can create cellular structures by the process of foaming in a range of materials that go through phase transitions or hardening, such as polymers, plastics, and metals. Usually, they are used when the blown material is still liquid.

The blowing agent used can be liquid or gas that is dissolved in the foam precursors and expands to form the foam once it is injected or sprayed and the foaming reaction begins. Optimization is crucial because efficiency and performance is highly dependent on the formulation.

Insulation & Blowing/Foaming Agents

Excellent-performing insulation reduces heat transfer to increase energy efficiency. Building insulation lessens heat gain or loss, enhancing tenant comfort and even lowers energy expenditures. It minimizes heat gain and aids in maintaining precise temperature control during cold chilled storage and transportation.

The updated energy performance of buildings initiatives increases building energy efficiency and promotes remodeling. The demand for thermal insulation has significantly increased as the importance of buildings in lowering energy dependence and greenhouse gas emissions has come to light, which is consistent with these difficulties with energy performance in both new construction and rehabilitation. Energy consumption can be greatly reduced by retrofitting insulation into the building shells of existing structures.

HFO Products and Blowing/Foaming Agents

The 1990 Montreal Protocol, which prohibited ozone-depleting compounds, led to the replacement of numerous chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrofluorocarbons (HCFCs) as blowing agents in the foaming industry. Gaining much more popularity in the chemicals sector, are blowing agents made of HFO (hydrofluoro-olefin) which have zero ozone depleting potential (ODP) and low global warming potential (GWP). Transitioning to HFO foaming agents is a crucial step in decreasing the negative climate impact in the building and construction materials industry.

Check out the EPA’s page on alternatives in foam blowing agents!

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