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CF4 for Silicon Etching in Semiconductor Technology

March 17th 2023

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What is Semiconductor Etching?

For applications such as coating, adhesive bonding, and semiconductor processing, manufacturers can achieve higher surface quality and cleanliness through the use of etching. In electronics there are thin pieces of semiconductor material called wafers, which are made by etching silicon, in the production of integrated circuit boards and other microelectronic systems.

Etching silicon wafers is a crucial step in the production process for integrated circuit boards, which requires them to adhere to very small and thin dimensions. Semiconductors are essential in almost all modern technology including computers, cell phones, and other digital devices that power our day to day life and technologies.

How Does CF4 Work For Semiconductor Etching? 

CF4, Tetrafluoromethane, is widely used in combination with oxygen as an etchant for silicon, silicon dioxide, and silicon nitride, metal silicide, and certain metals. During the etching process, CF4 is regarded as an aggressive etchant and is used for materials that require a vigorous cleanliness in order to move onto further processing.

Check out our slideshow below to gauge how this process takes place along a material’s substrate!

Chemical Etching Process

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