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Importance of Electronic Gases In Semiconductor Manufacturing

August 18th 2023

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Why Are Gases Used In Semiconductor Chip & Wafer Processes?

The R&D and industrialization of high-purity specialty electronic gases, also known as process gases, is a core aspect of the country’s dedication to developing large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing equipment and complete sets of technology. This is due to the growing industry which requires larger production capacity. The demand for high purity gases will increase along with the large and continually expanding global semiconductor sector.

When producing semiconductors, a steady supply of high purity gases is essential, especially when it comes to cutting-edge technologies like smartphones or self-driving cars, that are manufactured with semiconductor components such as ICs, memory, and power semiconductors. The spectrum of gases used in the production of integrated circuits is one of the broadest in any sector since the process is intricate and necessitates the use of many distinct gasses at all stages.

Currently, the microelectronics and semiconductor industries utilize semiconductor process gases in these manufacturing application:

  • Deposition: Creating thin layers of materials in this initial wafer manufacturing process
  • Photolithography: Using a light to transfer a pattern from a photomask to the surface of the wafer
  • Etching: etchant gases are activated to permanently construct the desired shape and pattern

What Gases Are Used?

Nitrogen: utilized during deposition process, within a reaction chamber at high temperatures, in which substrate and gaseous reactants interact

Oxygen: used during the oxidation process of the wafer surface

Hydrogen: utilized as an agent during epitaxial growth

Argon: used to create an inert environment during deposition stages

Helium: great thermal conductivity properties makes it ideal for usage in the etching process

Specialty Gases: Fluorocarbons, hexafluoride, halides, silane, and more, are specialty gases which are typically used during etching or chamber cleaning purposes

Yuji’s Specialty Gases

We recognize that success in the semiconductor sector depends on quality. You should depend on it as much as our consumers do. Yuji is dedicated to supporting the semiconductor and microelectronics industry with high quality, high purity electronic gases. By utilizing the gas synthesis and purification technologies developed as a chemical manufacturer, we have been producing a wide range of ultra-high purity gases – with a confirmed purity of up to 99.999% or 5N grade.

Reach out to us at Yuji America today for your specialty semiconductor gas needs! 

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