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Why is COF₂ Used for Chemical Etching?

December 6th 2022
Electronic Gas

Why is COF₂ a Good Chemical for Chemical Etching?

With the deepening of digital social revolution today, the demand for semiconductors will be mounting in future. However, as global warming becomes more serious, how to effectively and eco-friendly fabricate semiconductor materials is getting more attention than ever.

In semiconductor manufacturing, specialty chemicals as etching agents are essential and contribute to a considerable amount of global warming. COF₂, which is called carbonyl fluoride, is a great candidate for etching gas. According to some preliminary research, COF₂ shows comparable etch rates compared to traditional etching gases, such as SF₆. In addition, COF₂ also shows great etch controllability by flow rate and temperature which makes this chemical able to be used in the different etch steps of wafer production. At last, and most importantly, COF₂ has ultra-low value about “1” on global warming potentials which is super lower than its conventional competitors.

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