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Purification of Gases by Distillation

December 10th 2022
Electronic Gas

For a wide range of applications and business sectors, including semiconductor and electronics, food preservation and transportation, industrial manufacturing, and research labs, gas purity is essential.

Gas purity must adhere to extremely strict standards to guarantee uniformity and integrity throughout production but also to safeguard the health of workers who handle these gases. Operators must use various methods of gas purification depending on the type of gas and the specific needs of the business in order to meet high requirements.

Distillation, a separation technique used to either raise the concentration of a certain component in the gas mixture or to acquire pure components from the mixture, is one typical method for purifying gases. It is crucial to understand that distillation is a physical separation process rather than a chemical reaction.

For ages, fractional distillation has been employed to separate mixtures. The gaseous mixture is cooled to bring it to a liquid state and thus heated, forcing the chemicals to boil at their different boiling points.  The first to boil is the component of the mixture with the lowest boiling point. Using a cooling column system, the gas is then transformed back into liquid and collected in a different flask. The process can be repeated multiple times to improve the purity of the chemical.

Cryogenic distillation should be employed for the strictest purity standards. Cryogenic distillation separates gases based on their distinctive boiling points, removing impurities to a low PPM level. The gas is first cooled and then sieved to remove minute contaminants like moisture before being injected into a distillation column and being cooled to cryogenic temperatures in opposition to outflowing gases. Air ascends the column through a series of trays due to different boiling temperatures, and then it cascades down as reflux liquid. Impurities are expelled continuously throughout this procedure.

The recommended technology for applications with ultra-high purity requirements, where even a little purity error might have a negative impact on operational or safety consequences, is cryogenic distillation. It’s necessary to mention that the size of the cryogenic distillation system varies significantly depending on the application and volume of pure gas utilized.

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