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Lithium Dioxalate Borate/LiBC4O8

Lithium dioxalate borate/LiBC4O8 is an electrolyte additive for lithium-ion batteries. Dioxalate borate can form a stable large {pi symbol} conjugated system with a small lattice energy. It can combine more ions in the solvent and improve the conductivity of the electrolyte system.


Product Description

Chemical Name Lithium dioxalate borate
Synonyms Lithium bisoxalate borate; LiBOB; LiBC4O8
CAS # 244761-29-3
Molecular Formula LiC4O8B
Molecular Weight 193.79
Physical State Powder and Crystal
Color White


Physical & Chemical Properties

Chemical Name Lithium dioxalate borate/LiBC4O8
Melting Point(℃) > 300


Packing Specification

Packaging Type Packing Specification
Barrel 10kg


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