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Lithium Difluorooxalate Borate/LiDFOB

Lithium difluorooxalate borate/LiDFOB is an electrolyte additive for lithium-ion batteries, which can form an SEI film on the surface of the graphite negative electrode to improve the high temperature performance of the battery. It has good solubility in carbonate solvents, which can improve the specific capacity and low-temperature cycle performance of carbonate solvent batteries.


Product Description

Chemical Name Lithium difluorooxalate borate
Synonyms LiDFOB
CAS # 409071-16-5
Molecular Formula LiC2O4F2B
Molecular Weight 143.77
Physical State Powder
Color White


Physical & Chemical Properties

Chemical Name Lithium difluorooxalate borate/LiDFOB
Melting Point(℃)


Packing Specification

Packaging Type Packing Specification
Barrel 25kg

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