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Iodotrifluoromethane (CF3I) is an environmentally friendly dry etching gas with low GWP,mainly used in front end etching process of flash memory chips manufacturing.


Product Description

Chemical Name Iodotrifluoromethane
Synonyms Trifluoroiodomethane
CAS # 2314-97-8
ELINCS # (EU) 219-014-5
Molecular Formula CF3I
Structure CF3-I
Molecular Weight 195.91
Physical State Gas
Color Colorless
Odor Odorless
ODP(CFC-11 = 1) 0
GWP100(CO2 = 1) 5
Life Time (Days) 2
TWA(8-hr) 150 ppm

Physical & Chemical Properties

Chemical Name Iodotrifluoromethane
Boiling Point(℃) -22.5
Melting Point(℃) -110
Liquid Density(@25℃) 2.096
Vapor Pressure(@20℃,MPa) 0.472
Critical Temperature(℃) 122
Critical Pressure(MPa) 4.04
Critical Volume(cm3/mole) 225
Flash Point(℃) Not applicable
Flammability(@21℃) Not applicable
Explosion Limit(%vol) Not applicable


 Product Specification

Purity 99.9% 99.99%


 Packing Specification

Cylinder Size Valve Type Filling Weight
10.2L CGA 350 / DISS 724 10kg
44L CGA 350 / DISS 724 44kg
47L CGA 350 / DISS 724 47kg



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