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Iodopentafluoroethane is an initial telomerizing agent for perfluoroalkyl iodine; Intermediate in organic syntheses.


Product Description

Chemical Name Iodopentafluoroethane
CAS # 354-64-3
ELINCS # (EU) 206-566-7
Molecular Formula C2F5I
Structure C2F5I
Molecular Weight 245.92
Physical State Gas


Physical & Chemical Properties

Chemical Name Iodopentafluoroethane
Boiling Point(℃) 12
Melting Point(℃) -92
Liquid Density(@20℃) 2.085
Vapor Pressure(kPa,@10℃) 98.51
Flash Point(℃)


Packing Specification

Packaging Type Packing Specification
Disposable Cylinder 10kg/20kg
Refillable Cylinder 400kg/800kg/1000kg

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