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Hydrofluoroether HFE-449mec-f, chemical formula of C5H3F9O, is widely used in electronic precision cleaning, electronic component leak test liquid or air tightness test liquid, insulating liquid, heat conduction liquid, solvent thinner, and many more. HFE-449 has excellent properties such as excellent inertness, high density, low viscosity, low surface tension, low dielectric constant, non-flammable, non-toxic, non-residue, and other characteristics.

Alternative to HFC’s & Other High ODP Solvents:
Novec Replacement

Precision Cleaning
Electronic Component Leak Test Fluid
Insulating Liquid
Heat Conducting Fluid
Solvent Thinner


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Product Description

Chemical Name Trifluoroethylhexafluoropropyl ether
Synonyms HFE-449mec-f
CAS # 993-95-3
Chemical Formula C5H3F9O
Structural Formula
Molecular Weight 250.06
Physical State Liquid
Color Colorless
Odor Odorless
ODP(CFC-11 = 1) 0
GWP100(CO2 = 1) 33

Physical & Chemical Properties

Chemical Name Trifluoroethylhexafluoropropyl ether
Boiling Point(℃) 72
Liquid Density(@20℃, g/cm3) 1.54
Saturated vapor pressure(@20℃, KPa) 13
Heat of Vaporization (J/g℃) 11.6
Specific Heat (J/g℃) 137.5
Dielectric Constant (F/m) 5.82
Dielectric Strength (Kv) 40
Liquid Viscosity (@25℃, mPa sec) 0.61
Flash Point(℃) Not applicable
Liquid Viscosity (@25℃, mPa sec) 0.61
Flash Point(℃) Not applicable
Flammability (@20 ℃) Not applicable
Explosive Limit (%vol) Not applicable


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