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CARB GHG Emission Reporting in Gas Insulated Equipment (GIE)

March 17th 2023
Electric Power

Have you reviewed the Reporting Updates to the regulation for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Gas-Insulated Equipment (GIE)?

In February, the California Air Resources Board, held a webinar to discuss and share updates to the reporting for this year. Electric power entities (EPEs) in California will report this year with emission data and product data from the previous year, 2022, through the Cal e-GGRT system which can be accessed here:

Who Does The Regulation Apply To?

In accordance with AB 32, CARB is required to enact regulations that will reduce GHG emissions as much as is technologically and economically possible. The complete implementation of AB 32 will enhance energy efficiency, increase the use of renewable energy sources, promote cleaner transportation, and decrease waste while assisting in lowering the dangers related to climate change.

For the electric power industry, entities required to report consist of:

  • Electric corporations, Investor-Owned Utilities (IOU)
  • Electric service providers (ESP)
  • Local publicly owned electric utilities (POU)
  • Community choice aggregators (CCA)
  • Western Area Power Administration (WAPA, Federal)
  • Marketers/Purchasing-selling entities (PSE) that deliver electricity

The regulation for the Mandatory Reporting of GHG Emissions (MRR) is applicable to electricity generators, industrial facilities, fuel suppliers, and electricity importers. This data must be submitted into the Cal e-GGRT reporting system.

What Are The Updates To The Cal e-GRRT Tool?

EPEs submit data using Excel forms that include all necessary fields for reporting in concurrence with the most recent MRR. Only the most recent version of the reporting workbooks will be accepted by Cal e-GGRT for upload and reporting because CARB updates them annually.

There is an updated form that has additional functions for the way companies must report their GIE. There are separate tabs for hermetically-sealed and non-hermetically sealed GIE, which categorizes equipment type as well and additional details like ownership and operation status. Additionally, all containers and carts must be reported. Empty containers and carts that are brought by gas companies must be included in the report; vessel type, gas type, amount of gas, and ownership status must also be included. When activating new equipment, it may come partially filled and could be filled on your site- this must also be reported. If a device is being decommissioned, you also will have to report how much was taken out and so forth.

In the new tab for system capacity, emissions, and emissions limit you can now find all inputs to emissions and emissions limits information. There are new tabs for Nameplate Capacity Adjustments and CARB-approved emergency event exemptions, if applicable. Lastly, it is no longer required to report container size and location, and transfers in/out of GIE except at activation or retirement.

Key Reporting Dates

For the electric power industry, the Report deadline is set to June 1ST, with the Verification Data (emissions data and product date) being required no later than August 10th. Failure to report or submit verification data is a violation of AB 32, which is also applicable if you report late or report incorrect information without correcting before the aforementioned deadlines.

If there is an error, make sure to advise the board first. Following their commentary, you may resubmit the form to have it uploaded and certified again. The Cal e-GGRT system will validate the data to flag for potential issues, which is why it is important to allocate sufficient time to work on the spreadsheet before the June 1st deadline.

For more information on reporting, make sure you visit CARB’s designated website for electric power entity mandatory GHG reporting:

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