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Sales & Marketing

Chemical Sales Engineer

Numbers  2
Work place  Long Beach
Education  Bachelor
  • Sell & Promote all Yuji’s chemical products and technologies, develop and implement business development plan for each product in relevant market segments.
  • Develop leads, identify and grow target customer base and achieve sales goal.
  • Collect, analyze and summarize market demands, monitor and track competitor activity and provide marketing intelligence to identify market shifts, draft valuable market report to guide company’s marketing or product strategy revision and R&D work.
  • Coordinate/cooperate with R&D and marketing team to upgrade, improve existing product lines or develop new products to extend targeting audiences.
  • Continuously optimize the work process to foster the whole team to work more effectively.
  • Minimum 3 years of working/studying experience in field/major of chemical engineering, polymer synthesis or pharmaceutical engineering
  • Minimum BA Degree
  • Strong self-motivated, communication and teamwork ability
  • Be good at conducting marketing research, information summarization and analysis
  • Be good at providing high standards of customer services
  • Strong writing skills
  • Strong computer skills, be proficient in MS office
  • Strong analytical ability

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