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HFO-1233zd(E) is a non-ozone-depleting hydrofluoro-olefin with an ultra-low global warming potential (GWP). It can be used as a non flammable high performing blowing agent for spray PU foam. It also can be used as a solvent or carrier fluid. R1233zd(E) has some unique benefits, such as excellent cooling and foaming action, solubility with a wide range, non VOC emission, low environmental impact.


Product Description

Chemical Name Trans-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene
Synonyms HFO-1233zd(E)
CAS # 102687-65-0
ELINCS # (EU) 700-486-0
Molecular Formula C3H2F3CL
Structure CF3CH=CHCL
Molecular Weight 130.5
Physical State Gas
Color Colorless
Odor Odorless
ODP(CFC-11 = 1) 0
GWP100(CO2 = 1) 1
Life Time (Days) 40
TWA(8-hr) 800 ppm


Physical & Chemical Properties

Chemical Name Trans-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene
Boiling Point(℃) 19
Meltng Point(℃) -107
Liquid Density(@20℃) 1.26
Gas Density (Air=1) 7.2
Vapor Pressure(@20℃,mmhg) 809
Critical Temperature(℃) 165.6
Critical Pressure(bar) 35.7
Flash Point(℃) Not applicable
Flammability(@21℃) Not applicable
Explosion Limit(%vol) Not applicable



Packing Specification

Packaging Type Packing Specification
Disposable Cylinder 10kg/20kg
Refillable Cylinder 400kg/800kg/1000kg
ISO TANK 18 Tons

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